Since 1966, the Jasani Group has been a beacon of excellence in the diamond industry. As a vertically integrated company, we manage every stage of the diamond journey—from sourcing rough stones to crafting polished diamonds and exquisite Jewellery. We are environmentally conscious, with over half of our manufacturing facilities green-certified. We proudly champion equality, with half of our workforce being women.

Our longstanding partnership with De Beers as Sightholders since 1973 underscores our progressive and trusted relationship. Trusted for over 50 years, Jasani Group brings ethically sourced diamonds from mine to masterpiece. Read More

Establishment of the Jasani Group
Establishment of the Jasani Group
1966 marks the establishment of the Jasani Group, a legacy of excellence in the diamond industry. This milestone signifies the foundation of a journey of commitment to the future.


Our diamonds are gifts from the earth, sourced through responsible mining practices and polished to reveal their natural brilliance. At Jasani Group, we take pride in our partnerships with esteemed suppliers like De Beers, ODC, and Burgundy, who share our unwavering commitment to ethical practices and sustainability.

These partnerships ensure that our diamonds meet the highest standards of quality, going beyond just being conflict-free. They originate from countries like Canada, Botswana, and South Africa, reflecting our dedication to responsible sourcing. When you choose Jasani Group, you not only get a beautiful diamond but also peace of mind knowing it was sourced and crafted with care and integrity.

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At the heart of Jasani Group's journey to success lie its core values.

  • Customer Orientation & Service
    Customer Orientation & Service
    Customer Orientation & Service

    Our customers have an assurance of transparency and integrity when they deal with us. Our dedicated KAMS are empowered to make decisions for their business, we work with them not as suppliers and customers but as trade partners.

  • Reliability & Consistency
    Reliability & Consistency
    Reliability & Consistency

    Our team's expertise, coupled with advanced planning systems, ensures the short and on-time delivery of your diamonds. You can trust that your orders will arrive exactly as promised, thanks to our unwavering commitment to reliability and consistency.

  • High Standards of Quality
    High Standards of Quality
    High Standards of Quality

    At Jasani, we dedicate special effort to comprehensively understanding the quality of grades, earning renown for our expertise in loose diamonds and Jewellery craftsmanship. This commitment guarantees exceptional beauty in every piece. We maintain a steadfast commitment to delivering high-quality diamonds, even at high production volumes, ensuring zero compromises on quality.

  • Our People
    Our People
    Our People

    At Jasani, we firmly believe that our people are the cornerstone of our success. That's why we strive to attract and retain the industry's top talent—individuals who not only boast exceptional qualifications but also embody our core values.

  • Visionary Thinking
    Visionary Thinking
    Visionary Thinking

    At Jasani, we're more than just a supplier; we're your growth partner. We pride ourselves on swiftly spotting emerging trends and opportunities, ensuring you stay ahead of your competitors. Our proactive approach guarantees that you not only keep on top of trends but also leverage the immense value we bring to your company.



These certifications reflect our unwavering dedication to operating at the highest level of quality, sustainability, and responsible business practices.

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