Corporate Philosophy

At Jasani, we have always garnered lasting impressions and built on the virtue of trust.

What differentiates us at Jasani are our Core Values:

A. High Standards of Quality

We are known for our fine make and finish and have set the benchmark for quality for both loose diamonds and finished jewellery in the industry. We offer quality at high volumes without compromise.

B. Reliability & Consistency

We take pride in being the most reliable company in terms of delivery. We have an infrastructure planning and production planning system which enables us to give this delivery support. Our ability to deliver what we promise, when we promise, has further built the tremendous confidence our customers have in us.

C. Customer Orientation & Service

Our customers have an assurance of transparency and integrity when they deal with us. We work with them not as suppliers and customers but as trade partners.

Our dedicated KAMS are empowered to make decisions for their business , giving each customer the benefit of extremely short response times and ensuring that the smallest requirement is looked after.

D. Our People

We strongly believe that our people are our greatest asset. We work with the best and most qualified people in the business, those that align with the core Jasani values.

E. Visionary Thinking

We also plan future growth for our customers. We are quick to identity opportunities and respond effectively to them, bringing customers the next big idea ahead of the competition. This approach ensures we become true partners as they see the value we add to their business.

Today, the first customer we had at Jasani is still our largest customer. This is proof of the commitment that we share with our customers. We are singularly motivated in long term relationships with all our customers. And this is what has always kept us motivated.


Having an oriented approach to our business, we at Jasani have continuously developed and furthered our relationship with our customers as well as our stakeholders. We have always offered our customers a bouquet of value added services, successfully measuring up to the preferences of our invaluable customers.

  • Our endeavour is to add value to both products and services
  • We find motivation in the international standards of production to create outstanding products
  • We stand by the assertion of quality and the timeliness of delivery
  • Our biggest commitments are to service, ethics and confidentiality
  • We strive to achieve maximum customer satisfaction

At Jasani we have always believed that invaluable items such as diamonds should remain conflict free. We follow the De Beers Best Practice Principles. This ensures that we abide by the highest professional, social, environmental, legal and ethical standards to protect consumer and trade interests.This is why we have a stringent commitment to strict business practices which ensures that we neither engage in, nor encourage, in any manner, practices which are regarded as unacceptable or against the public interest. And we request the same from all of our partners and customers. This has helped us imbibe and live up to the reputation and integrity of diamonds and the diamond industry.


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