Classic collectioN
Collection of diamond solitaires, fancy shaped & naturally coloured diamonds styled in the vein of old world royalty and glamour.
A perfect quality of diamonds for timeless jewels that are an essential part of every woman's being. And precious, just like she is. JASANI CLASSIC solitaire diamonds are certified, laser-inscribed and used in eternity bangles, bridal rings, Riviera necklaces with round and other fancy shaped diamonds. From exquisite and bespoke versions of the tennis bracelets, studs, wedding rings and statement necklaces - this collection becomes a beautiful part of a woman's treasure trove.
The JASANI CLASSIC collection is elegantly styled with a mix of contemporary designs using solitaires accented with smaller diamonds for the woman creating her legacy of jewels. Her style is novel and tailor-made. She knows that diamonds are forever.