We have 20 years of jewellery manufacturing experience with large-scale manufacturing operations catering to any demand in the domestic and international markets, with a constant focus on product development, customer needs and value added services like customised marketing concepts, merchandising and branded product lines.

Product Range

Our strength lies in diamond jewellery from classic to fashion styles, micro-pave to solitaires , with the highest quality standards and world class finish.

Pioneers in jewellery manufacturing

We are pioneers in jewelry manufacturing from the specialized SEEPZ zone in Mumbai and known for bridal wear jewelry. We manufacture more than 600,000 pieces of jewelry with over 7000 new designs annually using state of the art machinery, including Cad-Cam technology and model making. Our dedicated team of designers have won several awards including the De Beers award for jewelry design.

Jewellery Export
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  • Two decades of experience in jewellery manufacturing, the first De Beers sight holder company with a SEEPZ recommendation.
  • A 60,000 sq. ft, factory with a workforce of over 1000 employees and the proficiency of exporting 600,000 jewellery pieces every year; assuredly makes us one of the largest and most trusted jewellery exporters of the subcontinent.
  • We have been active in the American market for over 20 years and we work with some of the largest companies in the industry. We also have a presence in Europe, the Middle East, South-East Asia and the Far East.
  • Bridal Line
  • High-end fashion Jewellery
  • Journey
  • High-end independent line
  • Machine-made, Machine-set products
  • Three- stone jewellery
  • Platinum Jewellery, Palladium Jewellery, and pink gold Jewellery
  • Innovative products: In-line, Microscopic setting, Mother & Child Jewellery with coloured diamonds.
Manufacturing Excellence

We provide our clients with access to the latest and most efficient technology for jewelry production giving them the highest quality products at the most competitive price with consistency and reliability.We are able to offer this to clients even at high volumes and in peak season.

New Product Development and Merchandising

The strength of our new product development skills, our US based merchandiser and our talented design team enables us to compress the innovation cycle time keeping our clients and us at the forefront of this industry. We are able to offer new concepts like our patented setting Infini and our Mother and Child products on regular basis.

Product Development Centre

Our dedicated Product Development Centre is spread over 11,000 sqft. Here have integrated all activities concerned with New product development such as Designing, CAD, CAM, Model making, Prototype manufacture and Customer presentations along with a library and Training Room facility. The PDC is designed with an ambience to spur creativity, teamwork and efficiency. Over 8,000 new models are developed annually with the shortest time from design to market. Since all the required functions are under the same roof in close proximity, there would be good co-ordination for better results. Since the PDC is a separate entity from the rest of the factory, its sole functions is product development with no day-to-day pressure of production. And therefore we have the shortest time from design to market.

A Senior Level Merchandiser

Leading our product development effort is a ranking US based merchandiser, bringing with him over 30 years experience in the US market.

Dedicated Design Teams

Our international team of talented and acclaimed designers create over l5,000 new designs annually.

Event and Client Specific Merchandising

We develop products for each occasion, season, and clients marketing schedule. This collaboration starts with joint field visits to study market trends and opportunities

Creative Merchandising

Our designers and merchandisers make creative extensions like carat versions and ensembles to existing successful product ranges.

Trends Study

Through trade shows, field visits, magazines, and competitor store shopping, we are the first to identity and exploit new trends. We also conduct our own consumer research.

Forward Planning Inventory Management Assistance,Other Assistance

Special Order Handling to reduce clients’ inventories with a seven-day delivery offer for all special orders.

Special Product Re-Design for Non-Moving Diamond Inventory line.

Services like Tagging, Pricing Support, Resizing, Repairing and Laser marking.

A marketing and service driven company, we are of the firm belief that world-class merchandise, cutting edge designs and innovative marketing concepts will be the primary driver in growing demand for diamonds at the retail level. With this in mind, we empower our partners with comprehensive marketing support in the form of our strong consumer brands as well as strategic thinking for marketing concepts that work, conceptualization and development of brands and also provide innovative marketing concepts, high—quality customized marketing tools, joint promotions, access to internet sales and much more. We also partner with them for various De Beers initiatives.

We work closely with our partners to increase their knowledge of Diamonds and diamond jewellery to help the customer make a confident decision about their diamond jewellery purchase.

We just don’t provide solutions; we customize then for our customers.

Some of Our Branded Products

  • Tré Stelle
  • Brides Pendant
  • Perfect Choice
  • You
  • Lovemark
  • Bundle of Joy

Marketing Services

  • Brands and Initiatives aligned to De Beers Concepts
  • Collaborative Advertising
  • Innovative Consumer Promotions
  • Consumer Confidence Building Tools
  • Specialised Inventory Management System For Retail Clients
  • Internet Sales Portal
  • Consumer Research, Trends Study & marketing Guidance Service
  • Sales Training

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Coming soon…

Jewellery India
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We specialize in light-weight certified jewellery and we also offer a range of world-class exclusive designs from small machine-made products to large handcrafted bridal jewellery and innovative product lines. Our strengths lie in large-scale production, exceptional finish and fast turnaround times.

There is a new collection every season and consists of an exquisite range of necklace sets, pendants sets, chandeliers, bracelets, rings and earrings.